Annie The English Setter

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thank you for coming back to my blog again. So much has happen since you last came. I have my own personal staff working with me, and I love all the attention. First there is Susan my personal trainer. She comes over to Pam's houseevery day just to work with me. Susan thinks that I have great potential,though she wishes that I would pay more attention to my lessons and ignore the birds at the feeder. That is asking quite a lot, but I sure am trying. And there is my good friend, John. John takes me for walks every day and lets me sit on his lap. I love to run, run, run!! But I like to know where my people are at all times too. Pam leaves the door open so I can run inside and check with her when I feel insecure. Pam is still my foster mom and she says I am doing great. And I even have my own IBR PR person, Mary. She is alway happy to report anything new and exciting that I am doing. Thanks to her I got out of the shelter. I am one lucky girl! I heard some dogs have been adopted, I hope I am one of them soon. I will make a great pet for somone, I just know it. Love, Annie

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thank you for coming back!!! You haven't heard from me in a while, but I'm still here. I'm still living with my "temporary" foster mom (Pam), but she likes me so much that now I get to live in the house. I really like to curl up on the living-room couch, but don't tell Pam's husband, because he will have a fit!! Pam enjoys having me around, but she is getting really serious about teaching me not to jump on her lap when she is trying to eat her morning cereal. It's sometimes hard for me to control these impulses, but I'm trying.

Pam is really thrilled because this past week I discovered TOYS. Toys are great!! I had no idea that all these colored objects lying around the house and yard were for me to play with -- but they are!! Woo-hoo. I love tennis balls too -- when I'm not focused on the birdies at the feeder, that is. Come back soon, Annie

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Look at me!!! Don't you love my picture!! My foster mom took me to get a professional picture taken! What was she thinking? I thought this was a nutty idea, but I went along with it and did the best I could. They wanted me to keep still, but that was impossible because they set up the "studio" at Susan's house and Susan has CATS. Need I say more? Also I met my foster moms dog Bruno, he is a big boy about 95 lbs! I had fun with him, I really liked him. I wasn't so sure about his friend Buddy, he kept barking at me so I barked back. I'm told he is friendly too, so I'm not sure why he was barking. Maybe that was his way of telling me he wants to play. Hmmm, next time I see him I'll let you know how it turns out. For now I'll stick to playing with Bruno. Pam, my foster mom, is letting me run free in the yard now, as long as I have that check cord dragging along so they can stop me from going over the fence. I am good about staying in the yard, but today I got real excited about some birds and everyone got worried that I was going to climb on out of the yard. When I'm not going after a bird, I'm very good at coming when called. Everytime I do, I get a treat, so why not? Thank you for checking out my blog again. Setter Kisses, Annie

Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm so happy you came to see me again!!! I have a whole team of volunteers who are helping me get used to life outside a shelter. I have calmed down a lot being out of the shelter. I've gone on many walks. And I love them. It doesn't matter to me who is holding the other end of the leash, I'm such a friendly girl. I have no problems letting people pet me. I love the attention. As you can tell in my picture I love praise too. I've heard other dogs in the rescue are getting adopted, and I hope I'm one of the lucky ones soon! Please check out the site, we all need homes that will give us the love and attention that will give back to you, as well as a few pointer/setter kisses and a wagging tail! Annie

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm out!!! A wonderful volunteer with IBR got me out of the shelter! I am at a temporary foster home. I haven't been in my temp. foster home very long, but I'm doing well. I'm so happy to get out of the shelter I have been bouncing around and wagging my tail non-stop! Oh, Pam, my foster mom, asked me to sit and I did that. I really want to please, I just need a furever home to help me learn, I'm very eager. Also today I saw some strangers doing some work around the house. I was very friendly. I can't wait to learn how to walk on a leash, I was told I'm going to work on that. I'll let you know how it goes. Please check back soon. Setter Kisses, Annie

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Welcome to my blog...

I'm Annie, an English Setter. The volunteers at the shelter where I am at think I am about 2 years old, but you know a lady never reveals her age. Originally I was adopted in June 2006, but then returned. My heart was broken, a home is much better then a shelter. I was returned because I "chase cats". If you are interested in me the rescue and/or shelter can cat test me. Also I am full of energy, I want to be on the move, but in a kennel at a shelter there isn't much room for me to move around. I will need some work, I'm not quite sure what this thing called a leash is, but if you want to work with me, I'll try to figure it out. And I am such a nice girl, I just really want some attention. With some work and positive reinforcement you'll see I'll be a great dog. Also I'm very neat and tidy, I don't like my kennel to get messy, I prefer to go to the bathroom outside. It is sad being in a shelter. Please, can you help me get out? Please check back soon for updates and don't forget to save the rescues site under your favorites! See you soon, Annie